Cycling tours are currently very popular! For those who like to experience nature from the saddle, these cycle routes are a must. Cycling paths along rivers are very popular due to their mostly flat route profile. They are often characterised by a particularly attractive and varied route.

The paths develop their own characteristic charm.

We have put together a small collection of links of the most beautiful river bike trails in the north.

  • The Weser-Cycle route: >Very popular<
    Discover the 4-star quality cycle route Weser-Radweg stage by stage. 15 stages take you from Hann Münden, where the Fulda and Werra join to form the Weser, to Cuxhaven on the North Sea. The cycle route leads through the Weserbergland, the Mittelweser region, Bremen and the Wesermarsch to Cuxland.
    Website: Weser Cycle route
    Length: 515 Kilometer.
  • North-Eastsea Canal-Cycle path: >Dreamlike<
    Wanderlust and a desire for dream ships? On their journey through the Kiel Canal, ocean liners, cargo ships and small boats cruise between Brunsbüttel and Kiel Fjord. Cyclists can even watch the ships from the shore without binoculars. And there is plenty of food for dreaming away, because the narrow waterway is very busy. The hinterland is adorned with noble manor houses and bathing lakes.
    Website: North-Eastsea Canal cycle path
    Length: 130 Kilometers.
  • Eastsea Coast-Cycle route: >Sea experience<
    There is “sea to marvel at” along the entire route of the Baltic Coast Cycle Route. The 430-kilometre-long cycle path leads from the Flensburg Fjord on the border with Denmark via the Eckernförder Bucht and Hohwachter Bucht to the Bay of Lübeck. Along the route, families and active holidaymakers will find a fascinating and, above all, varied coastal landscape. If you don’t want to come with your own bike, you can rent an (electric) bike from the rental companies in the region. This cycle path along the Baltic Sea is one of the most popular in Germany.
    Website: Eastsea Coast Cycle route
    Length: 430 Kilometers.
  • Devilsmarsh-Wattenmarsh-Cycle route: >The Maritime<
    Sometimes you fight against it, sometimes it pushes you forward effortlessly – but the wind is always with you on the coast. Instead, it’s almost all over flat land. First through the untouched -Devilsmarsh, past the North Sea tidal flats and on to the banks of the Elbe and Weser.
    Website: Devilsmarsh-Wattenmarsh Cycle route
    Length: 450 Kilometers.
  • Oste-Cycle route: >Secret Tip<
    The cycle paths along Germany’s major rivers can get crowded on sunny weekends. It’s different on the Hunte and the Oste. Both are little known beyond Lower Saxony and are considered insider tips.” That’s why the magazine recommends combining the Hunteradweg and Oste-Radweg in its latest issue 4/17: “If you combine them into one tour, you’ll experience contemplative days in nature.”
    Website: Oste Cycle route
    Length: 145 Kilometers.
  • Leine-Cycle route: >Short & beautiful<
    The Leine rises in the Eichsfeld region of Thuringia near Leinefelde-Worbis and initially flows westwards via Heiligenstadt and Arenshausen to Lower Saxony. There its course leads mainly northwards via Friedland, Göttingen, Northeim, Alfeld, Gronau, Laatzen, Hanover, Neutadt and flows into the Aller behind Bothmer, a district of Schwarmstedt. From there, the Aller covers another 65 km to the Weser.
    Website: Leine Cycle route
    Length: 60 Kilometers.